John 6:37  
All that the Father giveth me shall come to me;
and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

These are very dark and precarious times we live in. We are on a slide toward the latter days every day, every minute. We are in countdown time and we need to know where we stand with God now, so we know what our future holds. Do you not know that we are called by God to be ageneration of believers that will help to bring in the last days harvest.? I am not a dooms day person trying to scare you into anything, but beware that you are not asleep when you should be alert to the danger and times. Actually what does it matter when souls are at stake and at the mercy of the enemy, Satan When the medical folks warn us of viruses and make certain that we get shots to ward off germs, shouldnt we as Christians be aware of impending danger to our immortal souls?. The very souls that stand before God, where it will be decided where each one will spend eternity: with or without God. If that statement does not stir your soul and spirit, mercy, what will it take to wake you up to your personal responsibility toward God and His lost ones?

I am an elderly woman who sees Heaven more clearly each day, as I go down the path called the narrow road. I lean more on God each minute of my life, so I will not miss an opportunity to stay His child one more day. I take my responsibility very seriously and I pray and hope endlessly that I will help you all understand who we all are, what we need to do, and why. God needs us to be the ones to share what we know, what we do and why we do it. all you have and all your believe and know with the lost, hurting and despondant, confused and floundering of this world?.

I really do pray that this site will minister to you. I think and pray carefully about all I put on here.  I will never be boring on purpose nor will I hopefully be too preachy, but I will try my best to get you out of your slumber or spiritual lathargy. We must rise up and be counted for God. Satan has so many around his little finger, ones who are dead set on destroying Gods people and all they stand for. His people who do not fear God and His ultimate judgement . I for one, have a deep respect and reverential fear of God for who He is and who I am in Him.

I want to be with Him forever. I want to know Him, serve Him and love Him without measure, as He loves me. Are you of the same mind, or are you still too worldly to know the difference between the wordly and the heavenly? Dear ones, if this is so with you, make a conscious and deliberate spiritual decision to seek God now and find out the huge difference and then do something about it. Act now before it is too late for your soul to be redeemed from the stagnation of the present world. Oh, glory there is so much that God wants to do for you and with you. Please join me and seek Him earnestly and devoutly aand be one of the ones that God can see really wants to be a world shaker for Him. So I hope this tells you why I have put this site here. It is to enjoy, learn from and to encourage and exhort all of you who want to turn yourselves away from the world and turn your faces toward a loving and merciful God, who loves you beyond anyone's understanding. In the meantime I shall continue to write, compose and put more on this web site for any and all who wish to love God more, learn more about Him and serve Him by loving His people. Guess what? When you have done this, you have obeyed His commandments and made Him a very happy God indeed.

May God's richest blessings in Christ Jesus be yours now and forever, Amen

This site is dedicated to all God's "Silent Saints".  Those who allow themselves to be the Holy Spirit's glue that holds God's Church together, so the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Those who quietly move about the world, doing the impossible, by believing God for the ultimate results of their trust.
Those who change the world, by allowing the change to begin in them and then passing their proven faith to others, by their attitudes and action.
Silent Saints, mountain movers and bearers of good tidings to all men. This site is about them. Perhaps this site is about you. 

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