Never A Day Goes By

Poems   (Introduction)              

All my life I have been searching for truth, love, God, peace, hope, and all the things that give life real meaning.  As I sought, I found.  My findings turned out to be poems.  I found it easy to write, rhyme and get messages across to myself and others that way.  A few of my poems became songs, one’s that Donna liked and she put to music.  Other ways that I found relief for my soul’s hunger was to put my learning’s and teachings into short stories.  Some stories are made up, but truth in fiction form.  Some are real events that have been lived out by me and my family.  All are God’s, His love and wisdom and grace put here so hopefully many may be touched by their truth and simplicity. 

I do a lot of thinking in rhyme and when I can’t sleep, I write poetry.  My mind goes from songs, to poems, to short stories, to praise to God.  I practice the presence of God and find Him in everything. Life is so very sweet when God is your constant companion.  I function, but I keep my heart and soul always ready to hear His sweet voice.  He is my inspiration and friend.  

I pray that my devoutness will not keep you from my site, but I will tell you this.  God knows you as well as He knows me and desires you to want Him with all your heart and all you are, just as you are. I do not deserve His love or attention, but I hunger for it and so He answers my longing with Himself. 

Please give this site a opportunity to witness to you and if it does, please reveal it to others.  All I want is for Our Lord Jesus Christ to be the personal Savior and Lord to the lost one’s He died to save.  We owe Him our honor, loyalty and our boundless love, now and forever. 

Blessed be His name, Jesus.

Why I Write

I write to encourage
I write to prod
I write to point others
To a loving God

I write to those
Who stand and who fell
I write to tell them
Of Heaven and hell

 I write to tell them
That God is all good
To help them to walk
With Him as they should

I write to express
The things that I feel
Where I hope to impart
A spiritual meal

To those who are hungry
Or need help to grow
To help them to rise up
To help them to know

To help bring them closer
Or help them stay
Establish a firm foundation
While it is yet today

But mostly I write
To express my deep love
For those on this earth
And my great God above