Short Stories                 

I have included short stories in my web site because they can convey a great deal of truth within a short story. I am a direct person and think I do better getting my point across with little fanfare.  When I read God's word, I am left with deep impressions on my spirit and for some reason these impressions develop into stories that say what I have personally gotten out of what I have read or learned.

The listed stories are a combination of personal experiences and fiction, but I think you will figure out the difference. The personal experiences are ones that actually happened to me. I cannot say that everyone will or should have the same situations as I have, but I will confess, that what has been put down here is true and I would not change anything about them or myself if I could. Each one has bought me closer to God and has made me understand His ways far better than if I had only read it in a book. I feel privileged to not only know God personally this way, but honored that He chose to use me when I feel as if I have no credentials that make me usable.  He really does use the weak and misfits, just as His word tell us. I heard long ago that He is not so much interested in your ability as your availability.

So here we are.  I hope that we can spend a great deal of time together on this site because we have many things that I desire to share with you.  I look forward to replies from you as you visit and that the site will get better as we go along.  The only reason this site is here is for you. My prayer and efforts is in hopes that  it helps and encourages you to seek a closer walk with God, who hungrily seeks your companionship.

May God's richest blessings be yours and your loved one's now and forever.  Amen!