Walk As Jesus Walked; But Can We?

To truly walk as Jesus walked, we must be willing to surrender
 our all and walk the walk of humiliation, being dis-credited, dis-honored,
 scorned, held in contempt, be lied about,  and put to open shame.
 There is much more, but I think this gives you an idea of what He lived
 and we must be willing to be thus slandered also,
giving up all and to be of no reputation.
Are we being mis-understood?  Has even our dearest friends
 given up on us because of our obvious differences and weirdness?
 If you do have this in your life, while you are sincerely trying to walk
as Jesus walked, good for you.  Your are on the right path and
God Himself smiles on this road that you are currently on.
 Do not look at your life, but keep you eyes and spirit on the life
of the one who trod it before you and for you.  Stay there and do
 not move off of it, because it is the road that few travel and the one
that Jesus trusts you to continue for Him and with Him.
 Yes, with Him, because He knows that you will never make it alone.  
His very words are " I will never leave you nor forsake you".  
Therefore we may proceed in full confidence and faith
that we shall arrive at our destination.   

Who We Are
God the Father has entrusted all that His Son is to us.
  He has given us the gifts of understanding and knowledge. 
He has endued us with the very power of the Holy Spirit that
Jesus Himself received when He received power from on high,
 when the symbolic Dove rested upon Him in the Jordan River.
Our ministry to the un-saved and those with many physical
ailments and demonic opression, is carrying on the
glorious ministry of Jesus, who left our earth to go back to
the Father and remain at His eternal side and intercede for us.
 He knows how frail and weak willed we are. He knows how much
 we need His power and strength.  And so He gives it to us,
each in proportion to our individual need.
He has given us His heavenly legacy, so we can actually be
His love, hands and help to those who need Him so desperately. 
We must then honor His trust and protect His name by being all that
we can be to a dying and doomed world.  We can do this by faith, trust
 and confidence by fully knowing who He is and who we are in Him.
We are fully aware of the terrible cost both to God the Father
 and His Son Jesus, so that we may not only share His ministry
here on earth, but also share all the privelages of our Heavenly Home
 and eternal resting place. We must thank Him by sharing our lives,
 our love, our very life. We must show integrity, zeal  and purpose with
the same glorious anticipation and enthusiasm that Jeuus Himself did,
 admidst all the turmoil and turbulance of His earthly life.
How honored we must see ouselves to carry on for the
most wonderful person that ever walked this earth.  How devout
we must find ourselves, as we look to God the Father for our
instructions, to live this life, totally dependent on the same
Father that Jesus depended on to instruct and guide Him. 
A way of life that we do not deserve, but one we revere and one
we put our full trust and hope in.  This privelage and honor goes
beyond our natural understanding, but with the Holy Spirits power
and anointing, we move and have our being . We continually
 lean on our Jesus and dilegently pray to keep our selves holy and
un-defiled by the world, by trusting and knowing that God has
 everything in control and that He will keep us unto that day
when we too are by His side.