You are the Gem in my Necklace of Life


Our life is made of moments that come
Some to give us joy and some pain
Each part of our life forms our necklace
As each day adds another link to our chain
There is a thread that hold it all together
A thread very strong and secure
Each day it needs to be made stronger yet
For each day has it's own door
The door that opens to new found feelings
New ideas and thoughts to appraise
For each day adds to your necklace
As it counts up your number of days
So remember the Gem that lit up your way
The one who sparkled in your dark nights
The one who gave you the necklace
And has become your pure delight
The only one who is pure and good enough
To receive our endless honor and praise
For He not only gives us all our necklace
But He is the one who gives Gem filled days

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