How They Came To Be

How does one with no particularly obvious musical
 background produce music that not only

sounds not too bad, but one that gives a message
 backed by sound doctrine? Well let me

tell you how God touched my life,
 brought someone wonderfully kind into my life
and set us
to writing songs together.
Somewhere during 2004, I had a very severe leg
problem that
kept me in the hospital for 6 days.
I could not walk on my own and was told as I prepared
leave that I would probably never walk again.
 But I did and do. I am not doing well with my

leg but with help I get around. It took a long time
 to get going again and I became
The only thing that kept body and soul together
 was my faith that God had
charge of my life and He knew
everything that was going on with me, and would help me get

past my sadness at the present circumstances.
He did something so marvelous that even

today I marvel at the way He changed my life
 from sadness to joy and peace. I met a sweet
named Donna Wade at a song writers group
 that I attended in my misery and frustration.

While praising God, in spite of everything,
songs and melodies flowed from my lips and I
so overcome that I did not know what to do.
 I had a few that had been written by me
some years
 before, but I could not get anyone to help me
 to put them to music so I put
them away.

One day I felt led to call Donna and she remembered
 me and was wondering
what I had been up to
 since we had met. I was taken by surprise not
 believing that I am that
memorable, but was delighted
 and that gave me the courage to ask her to help me. She

responded by saying that she would be over that
night after work. I was thrilled but nervous.

Would she think my songs were worthy of her time
and effort to help me? I did not have to
worry. She
appreciated my songs, both words and the melody
that I feebly had sung on a
tape. She agreed to take them home
 and work on them and soon she was back with her full

instrumental accompaniment and when the CD started
 I cried, ran over to her, hugged and
thanked her with much
 gratitude as I felt overwhelmed. My song was now
 a real song. After
this we collaborated on a total of eight
 songs and they are combinations of my tune and
lyrics, her
 tune and my lyrics and her tune and lyrics.
 We helped each other in many ways,

both of us not being professional.
Donna is so good that I must admit, she is far better than

I because she has published work. But I must be fair,
there is no way that any of this would
have become
 a reality without her wonderful musical sense and know-how .
 Her ability to
make such music out of the meager
 offerings that I gave her still fills me with love and
for her. We plan to do more songs as soon as we can,
but we both are satisfied
that we took vision from
 God Himself and made something of it all.

I worked through my
pain and sadness,
 and she trusted an old lady and went out of her way
 to give me a much
needed boost. She also proved
 that when someone trusts God enough to respond to a

need, as she did that night ,that any act of kindness
 done in His name may ultimately change

someone’s life.

As you listen, if you are inclined to after all this
 explanation, I ask you in
humility to please listen
 to the words. They are what carry the message that
God is our all in
all and that He deserves all the Glory.
 Donna and I are just the messengers. The music will
 you also, but the words are the reality of
the message. Thank you for reading this far.

As I write this I feel such love and gratitude to God,
Donna and all of you who listen to our
feeble efforts
 to reveal God to all who will listen.
May God’s richest blessings rest upon you

and yours now and forever.
I have since met a dear sweet brother-in-Christ
who has also recorded some of these

songs. Therefore you may find two versions
of the same song. One female, one male.

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