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My Beloved People
 When sin abounds, grace abounds more,
for my word says this is true.
 Do not fear the words from the god-less and those
who no longer trust me, but remember
I am in all things and I am sending
the Holy Spirit power to quicken your hearts and faith.
The praise you give me in all circumstances
releases soverign power that surpasses and supercedes
the power of the world,
 those who try to destroy your faith, lives and hopes. 
There will be a new rush of the Spirit
that will shake the world,
 which is so full of disbelief, false religions and un-truth,
that will infuse you with soverign faith and peace
in the midst of great turbulance and hopelessness.
 As I am yours, forever; remain mine.

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Matthew 7:7

Ask, and it shall be given you;

seek, and ye shall find;

knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Seekers Find

Those who earnestly and fervently seek the Lord in His fullest, will not be disappointed. He will reveal Himself in all His grace and glory. Many will see and begin to know the deeper things of God through His Spirit , that only those seekers will find.

The Lord tells His followers and those that seek Him that He has given everyone all He can give to save, by the very act of His supreme sacrifice on the cursed cross. He came to save you from the world and it’s enticements, but has also given you free will and it is up to you to use your will to renounce it and all it stands for, which is against His Godly kingdom..

He is full aware of how you try to deny and fight His admonishments that the world is your enemy. The world is full of sin and it wants you to become a party to it. He has given you all of Himself to help you resist and move yourself above the one set out to dismay and destroy your soul and spirit, which should be fully His. Your decision then is the defining one, as to whom you will follow while on earth and then eventually spend your eternity with. Will it be your Lord who chose to lift you up and give you eternal peace and rest or Satan who desires to bring you down to the depths of despair and ruination?

He has given you the person of the Holy Spirit to give you divine direction, to encourage you in your endeavors, to teach you right from wrong, to convict you of sin and it’s consequences, and to meet all your spiritual needs. He finds though, even with all this, that many prefer to follow the enemy and be a participating part of the world.

Has God not openly shown us by actions and example, how much He loves us all and how He ardently desires our fellowship? He also desires us to come completely empty of anything carnal and materialistic, for when we go to Him we cannot bring anything with us but our submitted soul and spirit. Every thing that we thought we could not do without will most assuredly be left in the world as we depart it and go to be with Him. This is true no matter who you go to spend eternity with. Read the word and learn who Jesus really is and what you gain by believing in Him and all He has done for a world that is still so opposed to Him and His pure and holy way of life. By learning of Him there is so much to gain and nothing to lose.

One of the major thing God sees is your reluctance to forgive others. Satan wants to make you not forgive and not forget, so that there will be a permanent mark on your soul. He wants to keep you in a situation where you are subject to pain and suffering due to a slight or memory that will leave a lasting mark on your soul, where to forgive and/or forget no longer becomes an option. This makes you party to a scheme that makes you a prisoner of your thought life and leaves you incapable of doing it God’s way, which would bring peace and joy again to your heart and spirit. He have given you a antidote to all of this poison’s corruption of your spirit, by giving you a spirit of forgiveness that heals hurts, scars and relationships . Do not allow Satan to fill you with negatives that will scar your purity, holiness and clear conscience before Him.

Because God has given you a free will, these messages are only to make you aware of your God given choices. His kingdom is built on the right ones, ones that allow you to see the way ,the truth and the light.

There is no one who can decide but you ,but always remember there is a penalty for the wrong choice, one set by the God-head since the beginning of time and the one who makes the wrong choice will never see or know the delight of the right choice unless they come to know our Lord in His fullness and if they seek Him with all their heart.

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