As I walked throught the town, I knew something was different. I cannot explain it to you

or even to myself, to this very day. But in my inner being I knew.
    I had tried for all this time to harden myself to the barbaric treatment of the so called

criminals, but there was something about seeing a human nailed to a cross that I found

difficult to witness.  I had gone many times, but lately, I had tried to stay away.  I knew many

deserved to die for their atrocious acts for one reason or another, and so I felt justified  to

stand and jeer and mock them, but even though I may agree with the punishment, the

method still repulsed me.
    The day I speak of here was very different from the beginning. I could feel in my bones

that this was not any ordinary day.  I must admit, I had many misgivings concerning this

particular man from the start.  As hard as I tried, I could not understand why I was so

attracted to him.  He stirred up feelings in me  that I did not even know existed.  I quietly

resisted him because I was not ready to grapple with the many issues that surfaced. But

there they were, and because they would not go away, I knew that I had to begin to deal with

them one at a time.
    The weeks prior I had often seen him and heard him speak.  Inwardly I began to change

but outwardly my life seemed so much the same.  And yet, my own family began to look at

me questionably and I often heard my name mentioned in a whisper, but when I

approached they suddenly became silent.
    The crowds this particular day were heavy and there was much talk about his getting his

just dues. I heard some call him rabble rouser, blasphemer, demon, while others shouted

Messiah, deliverer, and God.  I decided to hold firmly to my neutral ground until I learned

more. I was still not sure where he stood with me, or I with him.
    As the day went on, I found myself following him as he carried the cross.  I watched as

they drove the nails into his wrists feeling quezy at the sight. I saw the two others that were

hung on each side of him, and I suddenly  shuddered for no apparent reason.
    This man Jesus suddenly looked at all those around the cross as if  he was seeking

someone in particular, and when his eyes saw his friend John, using the little strength that

he had left, he raised his head and gently said " Behold thy Mother".  All that were there

knew that he had chosen John to care for his mother Mary from that day forward. All I could

think of then was; what manner of man would care enough at the moment of his death to

delegate the care of his mother to another. I was adequately impressed.  It made me want

to find out more about this gentle man. And as time went on did.
    When he spoke his body shook with fatigue and his weary head dropped to his chest. I

could see that he was near death and as his head slipped downward, our eyes met and I

suddenly knew.  I knew who he was and what I meant to him.  In this one flash of eternity I

knew, and as I heard  him say " It is finished" I was suddenly blessedly aware that what he

had just finished was wonderfully just the beginning for all mankind.