Beautiful Gate

I stood and looked at the man beckoning to me from the entrance to the gate.  I looked into

his eyes and was not only awed at what they told me about him, but what he knew about me.

Although they were kind eyes, they were also soul searching and I realized that he knew

more about me than I knew about myself.  His piercing eyes also revealed his kindness,

gentleness and forgiveness.  I fully realized overwhelming sin and guilt were now burning in

my soul and I knew that I had to look away least my heart burst with the new knowledge

about myself.

He appeared to have a majestic bearing and yet such humility and quiet reserve

accompanied him, that the combination was starling forceful.  He seemed to be a paradox,

that he sent me into complete wonderment and expectation. I felt so drawn to this wonderful

and mysterious man, that I found myself drawing closer to him and the gate.

My last recollection was of a quiet surrendering of myself to much needed sleep. I had

much grief in my life and I felt led for some mysterious reason to pray before I gave myself

into this overwhelming desire to sleep, hoping to find everlasting peace and quiet.

At seeing the gate in all it’s depth of beauty, I gasped and stood back, partly in awe and

partly in shock, when it’s majestic doors swung open and I saw the before mentioned,

beautiful person, standing in the center of them.

Where was I?  Who was he?  Why did he look at me so lovingly, with tears in his eyes, a

gentle smile on his lips and his hand reaching out so yearningly towards me?

Those hands caught my eye and I suddenly knew who stood before me: for the deep

wounds still showed where the nails had entered and pierced deep in the hollow of his

wrists. Looking into his face, I wept at the sight of my Lord and Saviour.  I felt love, peace,

joy and gratitude and many other life changing emotions fill my heart and spirit.

He gently but firmly pressed those scarred hands upon my bowed head.  I had fallen in a

posture of reverence as the revelation of His majesty quickened my heart, and because He

knew my contrite spirit, He gave my forgiveness and a blessing.

“My daughter, welcome,” His gentle voice spoke, breaking the silence, and I cried, “Oh, my


I knew then that I had almost missed Him by my years of rebellion, but when He spoke, all

the years before fell away and all I could now remember were the last words I had spoken

before I fell into my deep sleep,  “Help me Lord, I need you.”

Many years have come and gone, but I remembered the feeling of peace and acceptance

of the years so long ago, and I now knew that I had to die to all the stood between then and

now, if I was to see Him and hear Him clearly again.

He took His hand off my head, quietly lifted me to my feet and embraced me, and I wanted

to stay there forever.  But this was not to be.

As I basked in the radiance of His person, everything around us glowed with a brilliant light.

Suddenly, I saw the light no longer came from my Lord, but from the light over my Gurney. 

The last I had heard Him speak, were these words.  “Although I long to keep you here, my

dearest child, my work on earth must continue through my people.  Take your life

experiences and help others.  Teach and show them how to come to me.  Tell them of

seeing me.  Share my life, love, compassion and concern for them.  How I long to one day

greet them also.”

I knew I wanted to step over the threshold and through those enormous gates, but I also

knew He wanted the decision to be mine.  I thought of lost family, friends, neighbors and

yes, even my enemies, and I knew then that I had to return to earth.  “Not my will but yours,

my dearest Lord.” and with these words I heard “Welcome back.”

With the memory of Jesus, the beautiful gate and our encounter, I almost regretted my

decision, but I immediately knew that a life of pleasing Him was above pleasing my own

selfish desires.

I looked up into the faces of my frightened family, the doctor and nurses and with a strength

that belied my weakened condition; “I said “I am happy to be back.  Now let me tell you who

I met  at the Beautiful Gate.”