Phil: Chapter 2, Verses 1-11

 When I first saw him, I thought him to be quite rough in appearance.  But then, my

immediate re-action was one of pleasure, because I could suddenly see beyond his

outward appearance, discerning the un-usual and beautiful quality of the person beneath.

Something in his eyes spoke louder than words, although when he asked me if he could

wash my feet, I was about to say no when he indicated clearly through the look he gave me,

that to do so would be an offense to him.

Because the road had been unusually dusty, due to the lack of rain, I thought of how

pleasant and refreshing a foot bath would feel to my dirty tired feet.  I sat down by the large

bowl of water, never verbalizing my consent, but giving my permission by my actions.  As he

washed my feet, tenderly lifting each foot, washing, rinsing and gently drying them, before

slipping my sandals back on my clean feet, I had ample time to study his face.

He smiled quietly as he worked, not allowing himself to be distracted, as if washing my feet

was the most important task he had to do.  I was surprised to see his lips quietly move, but

no discernable sound came from them.

As I observed his gentle spirit, I could not help but come under conviction of the many

times I had neglected to wash the feet of the guests that came to my home, and I felt

sudden shame come over me.  I determined in my heart to make my guests feel more

welcome and cared for, because I suddenly saw myself as I really am, selfish and

self-centered.  In light of my new awareness, I determined to do much better in the future.

I also began to be aware of other things I needed to repent of and change; my behavior

toward my wife, my children, my co-workers, and my relatives.  Had I really been so

thoughtless and un-caring?  Well, surely I could change, and hopefully, I would.

Just then, someone came to the doorway, and putting his head inside, spoke just barely

loud enough to be heard, and said.  “Peter, it’s time to go.”  Peter immediately said.  “Yes, I

must go now, but I wanted you to know how it felt when someone did something for you out

of love and not obligation.”  Wishing me Shalom, he left, and as I looked up, I saw the Inn

Keeper watching me, and with a smile, he told me his story.

“Peter traveled three years with the man called Jesus.  When Jesus died and rose again,

this man and the others that traveled with him, felt utter pain and dismay.  Later, they

suddenly had a light and zeal about them that stunned all of us hereabouts.  We became

aware of changes in them when they went about doing good in the name of the man they

called the Christ.  They wanted to do for others what the Master or Rabbi had done for the

people and what He, in His Resurrection, had left them as his legacy, that they would pass

on.    The Jesus, who we Christians now accept as Lord and Saviour, gave up everything of

His Heavenly Majesty, to walk this troubled and sin filled earth.  His gift to us, is life in Him,

His Holy Spirit, restoration with Jehovah God, and in this, giving us eternal life.  Today, Peter

has given you a taste of the servant life that Jesus lived.”

I knew then that I had been in the presence of a holy man, who had ministered to me in the

love of God.  I also could see that serving was better than lording it over another human. 

Somehow, as Peter had washed my feet, God’s Spirit had cleansed my inner man.  More

than my feet had been cleaned that day.

As I left the Inn and started home, I could hardly control my zeal.  I wanted to show, not just

by words, but by my actions and attitude, the deep riches of my experience.

His name seemed to roll off my tongue, and as it passed my lips, all I could say was Jesus,

Jesus, and thinking how sweet it sounded to my contrite heart, giving me peace and joy.

I thought, has this joyous experience really changed me?  Then, I thought, I need not worry,

for my family would know if it had.  In time, perhaps many would see and then I could

minister to them, as Peter had ministered to me.

Wouldn’t that please the Master

Personal Experience

Some years ago I had an experience that was similar to the story that I just told here. 

I had been working for My friend Grace at her Christian Bookstore, when I was approached

by a friend who asked me if I would go and see a woman who had just come out of a home

for people with extreme problems.  I said, " What could I do to help such a person?"  My

friend assured me that I would do well and would I do it.  I said yes, but was shaken by the


After many months of taking her places, listening to her woes and getting to really care for

her, I was suddenly asked by God to ask her if I could wash her feet.  Wow! I wasn't certain

if I had heard correctly, but I had and could I or would I do it was now the question of the

day. I did ask her and I proceeded to do just that, reverently, slowly and with great love in

every action.  She seemed to approve and that was that. 

Many years later she wrote to me and she said this.  " I want you to know that you were the

first person that really showed me Jesus."  A very small thing but it met a need in her life

that some how was missing.  A personal touch by someone willing to show Jesus by a small

act of love.

Just goes to prove that God may ask anyone to show who He is by a small act of love and

compassion by you, or anyone that can change a person's life.  By the way she gave her life

to Jesus and as far as I know still walks with Him.