Ruby Rock          

I cannot remember when everyone started to show interest in the rock, but one day and

then another, many came to see and touch it.  I could see their eyes get teary and they

smiled as they touched the red markings on the rock.  I call it my ruby rock, because of the

red markings that were glossy and clear, like a beautiful ruby.

Something unusual began to catch my attention.  I suddenly realized that people’s lives

were changing after they had seen and touched the rock.  One day a little girl, who sadly to

say, had been deformed since birth, came with her family.  Sometime later, the parents

returned with her, to tell me that she had been miraculously healed.  I remembered her so

well, because I had felt so terrible when I saw her sweet face and deformity, for they did not

seem to go together.  I felt so distressed that I had no say about her life or condition.  You

can just imagine how I felt when she appeared before me in perfect health and form.  Then

a couple came to share about their marriage that had been re-kindled, after they too, had

visited my garden and touched the rock.

I suppose I should explain here, a little about my “Ruby Rock” and garden.  One day I was

walking in a secluded area, some distance from my home.  There were many weeds and

shrubs causing the area to have a very un-kept look.  I almost walked away, when a rock

caught my attention, and as I examined it closely I noticed it had many small stones

imbedded in it.  I called them rubies, for they were clear, red, and perfectly formed.  I was

amazed at their beauty and decided to transport this unusual rock to my small, but well kept

garden.  Even though the rock was heavy, I managed to get it home, and set it right in the

center of my garden.  Shortly after, my few flowers began to grow in glorious profusion, and

many visitors came to see not only the garden, but the “Ruby Rock.”

Soon, people from great distances came to admire the flowers and to touch the rock with

the rubies.  Then, healings and miracles of different types came to my attention.  I was

surprised as anyone, because I could not find a connection between the healings and my


Many years passed, I still did not have answers to my many questions but the visitors

continued to come and many more wonderful events occurred.  Life became a continuous

circle of questions and the miraculous, but because so many had been helped, I just

marveled at it all, and continued to care for my garden.  I cleaned the rock everyday, shining

the stones and pondering the question of how they managed to become imbedded into it.  I

also began to wonder about the mysteries of God, because I knew deep down, that

miracles came from Him.  But the mystery of God and how it involved my rock garden, kept

me in deep wonderment.  God knew I needed to know and so He told me.

One day as I was clearing the weeds, and pondering, a man approached me, and asked for

a drink of water.  I could see he must have traveled far, for he was very dusty and sweaty.  I

went to the well, after inviting him to rest under shelter, and when I returned, ladle in hand, I

noticed he had a kind, but mysterious appearance about him.  While slowly sipping the

water he looked up, thanked me for my hospitality, and then said no more.  I sat near by,

wondering if he would speak further.  He sat so still, with eyes closed, that I thought he had

drifted off to sleep, but when I saw his lips move slightly, I could see he was praying.  After

what seemed to be a very long time, he opened his eyes and looking directly at me, he


He told me he knew of all the strange events that had occurred that had me pondering and

wondering for so long.  He told me all about the different events and people involved, and I

suddenly realized I was sitting in the presence of a Prophet of Almighty God.  I felt my

breath catch in my throat, because of him and all the things he knew and I could only look at

him speechlessly and in awe.

 He knew my feelings, for he then told me not to fear him, for he was just a man, but God’s

humble servant.  He had been sent by God to share the truth about the rock, which was now

resting in my garden.  I sat at his feet, and the story that is so beautiful, I now share with you.

He had been one of the twelve original followers of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  He had been

with Him through all that He had suffered. So when Jesus died, he, like the rest thought that

it was all over, until His ultimate Resurrection and Ascension.  He spoke of new boldness

and ministry and how he and the others had roamed these many years since, sharing the

word and converting many to their wonderful Lord.  He spoke of much ill treatment on his

Master’s behalf and now these many years later, he had come to share this joyous news

with me.

He had heard of the rock, during his many travels, and had wanted many times to come and

tell me of what God had revealed to him, years before, but God wanted to give me time to

ponder and hunger for the truth.  I told him that I was ready for truth and would he please

share with me, hoping to fill a hunger and longing in my heart I did not fully understand.  I

told him that I somehow knew that God had his hand on my life, because of the garden and

rock, but I could not totally grasp the full significance of the situation.  Some how, I knew the

next few minutes were very important, perhaps the most important of my life.

I told him then of my new commitment to Christ, and he proceeded to tell me the rest of the

story.  He said he knew where I had found the rock, and why God had entrusted such a rock

to me.  He told me this was no ordinary rock, but one very special to God Himself.  The next

words, spoken by this precious man of God, filled me with awe and reverence.  The rock

had come from the Garden of Gethsemane, and was the one Jesus Christ had knelt against

when He agonized before going to the cross and the rubies were the drops of blood that

had fallen from His brow.