The Girl on the Bench        

It is so surprising to us when God chooses to use us for Kingdom business.  The day that I

was coming out of the service station after putting gas in my car, I suddenly decided to

make a left tun away from home, instead of a right one that took me directly to my street.  I

was wondering why I had done this odd thing when I found myself on the street where the

children attended school.  I drove past the school and as I approached the next

intersection, I noticed a young child lying on a bench and a policeman kneeling next to her

while another policeman stood by the patrol car speaking to someone on the two way radio.

As I drove past and made the turn, I suddenly began to weep with great intensity, feeling

profound grief.  Tears were filling my eyes, and I could not let go of how deeply upset I felt. 

This really surprised me, because I had no way of knowing the extent of the emergency, all

I saw was the two policeman and the child stretched out on the bench and she looked so

small and frail. I prayed with great fervor to the one I know who knows and can fix


            As I drove down Route I, I saw the ambulance the police had obviously called.  As I

looked into the front window I was relieved to see my son Robert, one of the squad

members in the drivers seat.  I said out loud “ Thank you Lord, Bobby will know what to do.” 

With this said, the sorrow left and I drove home, feeling in my heart that God would use

these men on the squad to help this sweet hurt child.

              That night Bob came to the house and I felt I needed to know what had happened

to this child that put her on a bench and required the services of the ambulance and squad. 

I said “ Bob, what happened to the little girl that got hurt?” At first he probably wondered

how I knew about her, so I added,” You know the little girl that was on the bench.  I saw you

and the squad go to her.”  He replied to my question, “ Oh her, she just had scratches and

bruises.”  This comment closed the subject for him, but not for me.  I waited until later and

when I was alone, I said very strongly and with a question this time directed to God Himself. 

“ Now God, I know that you will   not have me pray and weep with such sorrow for scratches

and bruises. What happened to the little girl?”  Now this is how I know that God uses little

people to do His Holy will, because in my heart He spoke these words , “ When you listened

to my Spirit and changed your direction and when you prayed in the Spirit for her with such

sorrow, I healed her right on the spot.” 

           As I remember the big things in the Bible done in God’s name by little people, I

joined a vast number that grows everyday. We should not look for potentially big things to

do in His name ,but be content to go about our lives doing the ordinary and allow God to

open the door for many little services we can do for Him, at His time and in His way. We

must remember that what we do is really Him moving in and through us.  I take no credit for

the little girl’s healing, but I feel good that I was obedient and was used by God.  My prayers

were directed to the right person, God Himself and the praise goes to Him, who hears us

when we pray and moves in ordinary ways through ordinary people.  That should be reward